Poster presentation 12th International Mammalogical Congress

Summary of Laurasiatheria (Mammalia) phylogeny (#602)

jingyang hu 1 , li yu 1
  1. YunNan University, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Laurasiatheria is one of the richest and most diverse superorders of placental mammals. Because this group had a rapid evolutionary radiation, the phylogenetic relationships among the six orders of Laurasiatheria remain a subject of heated debate and several issues related to its phylogeny remain open. Reconstructing the true phylogenetic relationships of Laurasiatheria is a significant case study in evolutionary biology due to the diversity of this suborder and such research will have significant implications for biodiversity conservation. We review the higher-level (inter-ordinal) phylogenies of Laurasiatheria based on previous cytogenetic, morphological and molecular data, and discuss the controversies of its phylogenetic relationship. This review aims to outline future research on Laurasiatheria phylogeny and adaptive evolution.