Poster presentation 12th International Mammalogical Congress

An overview on the distribution of Mustelidae (Mammalia: Carnivora) in Turkey (#677)

Mustafa Soezen 1 , Sakir Onder Ozkurt 2 , Muhsin Cogal 1
  1. Bulent Ecevit University, Zonguldak, Turkey
  2. Science Education Department, Education Faculty, Ahi Evran Uuniversity, Kirsehir, Turkey

Turkey has 154 land mammal species, and of them Mustelidae are represented by eight species; Mustela nivalis, Mustela putorius, Martes martes, Martes foina, Lutra lutra, Meles meles, Meles canescens and Vormela peregusna. Though there are a a lot of fragmented studies about these species, there are not any actual distribution maps for these species. Since a reliable distribution map for a species is crucial for a lot of ecological, conservation and management studies, here we provide these maps for mustelid species in Turkey. To prepare maps, all distribution records from the literature, press news, personal communications, some records in wildlife photography web sites in Turkey, and our original field survey and phototrap records were used. About 1350 record localities for all these species were presented and are shown in distribution maps. By combining data in literature and our experiences from the field surveys, the main threats, conflicts with people, and National Red List status for Turkey, are discussed. National Red List status for Martes martes was proposed as DD, for Martes foina as LC, for Mustela nivalis as LC, for Mustela putorius as EN, for Lutra lutra as NT, for Vormela peregusna as VU, for Meles meles as LC, and for Meles canescens as LC.