Oral presentation- Open Session 12th International Mammalogical Congress

The distribution history of the Chinese water deer in Shanghai area, China   (#176)

Min Chen 1 , Endi Zhang 1
  1. East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

The Chinese water deer (Hydropotes inermis) was ranked as VU species in IUCN red list and under the second category of protected animals in China. It used to live in Shanghai area since the Neolithic Age, and the last records were in Qingpu and Fengxian (two counties in Shanghai) in the 1880s. This species was extirpated in the wild at the beginning of the twentieth century from Shanghai mainly because of poaching and habitat destruction. Since 2006, a reintroduction project for recovery of Chinese water deer was conducted in Shanghai area. Firstly, 21 deer were introduced for breeding; secondly, the strong offspring were selected for wild training; thirdly, they were set free in suitable locations. Until now, Chinese water deer were in 6 locations (Huaxia Park, Pinjiang Forest Park, Mingzhuhu Lake Park, Punan Woodland, Xinbang Woodland and Nanhui East Shoal) in Shanghai. The whole population is about 300 individuals in Shanghai area.