Lucila Castro 12th International Mammalogical Congress

Lucila Castro

Biologist Lucila Belen Castro: I received my Biology degree at the National University of Cordoba in 2012 with an emphasis on conservation. Currently I am a PhD student at the National University of Cordoba working in the Institute of Ecology and Animal Diversity - my project is titled “Defaunation of the native mammals in the Chaco region”. I am also the Argentinian representative of an NGO - Pacific Biodiversity Institute - we are studying the biodiversity of large wilderness areas in South America which is a multifaceted project that involves partnership with several institutions. Since 2010 I have belonged to the High-Andean Flamingo Conservationist Group (GCFA), which is a group of scientific and conservation specialists from Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina working in flamingo and wetland conservation and I also belong to the Flamingo Specialist Group (IUCN). Finally I am a board member of the International Society on salt lake research. My current interests are conservation and ecology.

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