Rhea Burton-Roberts 12th International Mammalogical Congress

Rhea Burton-Roberts

Following graduation, I spent a year working gaining valuable work experience at two prominent UK zoos; Chester Zoo and Knowsley Safari Park. In 2014, I began my role as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Zoology at Bangor University. In addition to teaching and supervision, my position enables me to pursue a PhD. My current research project focuses on the behavioural ecology and conservation of African elephants; specifically their movement, foraging and cognitive behaviour. My research interests are in the fields of animal behaviour, welfare, ecology and conservation, particularly the behavioural ecology of large mammals. During my undergraduate degree, I spent a period of time collecting data on African elephant behaviour, particularly habitat utilisation and male dominance interactions. My current PhD project is under the supervision of Dr Graeme Shannon and involves collaboration with Professor Rob Slotow, University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa). The main aim of my research is to gain an understanding of the key drivers of African elephant movement in relation to resource availability in the highly dynamic savanna ecosystem. I am particularly interested in how elephant family groups respond to periods of resource scarcity, and their facultative responses to changing conditions. During the course of my PhD, I will be analysing their movement patterns; in particular, their home ranges, habitat selection and movement rates in conjunction with season and resource availability.

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