Katrina E Gobetz 12th International Mammalogical Congress

Katrina E Gobetz

Though I'm trained as a vertebrate paleontologist, I've started working with living mammals since I moved to Virginia. My most recent project was inspired by live-trapping attempts of small mammals with undergraduates. I'm interested in collecting data on mammals, especially small and fragile ones, without the need to check traps - to combine camera trapping and remote data collection. I am presenting at the conference to demo a prototype of a bait station for small mammals that collects weight/photographic data and stores the data with a microprocessor. I've worked with short-tailed and pygmy shrews as well as various mouse and vole species. I'm also very interested in possibly adapting this data-collecting concept to larger mammals. I'm looking forward to meeting with other small-mammal researchers at the conference.

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