Kylie M Butler 12th International Mammalogical Congress

Kylie M Butler

I'm Kylie Butler - a PhD candidate, elephant researcher and conservationist from Australia, and a wildlife nut in general! I am currently working on a research project with the University of Newcastle and Save the Elephants (Kenya) investigating the potential of using bees as a deterrent, to help subsistence farmers in Sri Lanka mitigate their problems with crop-raiding elephants. I'm also busy learning about the demographics and behaviour of the local elephant population near my study site, and creating an ID file of individual elephants who frequent the area. Previously, I have studied elephant behaviour with Save the Elephants, in Samburu NR, Kenya, and worked on a captive elephant program in Thailand designed to improve conditions for elephants previously working in tourist camps. Aside from elephants, I'm very interested in general animal intelligence and emotions, and relationships between humans and animals. I also love quirky village dogs, cheese, beer and taking very amateur wildlife photos. Look forward to meeting you all at the conference!

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