Tamara Keeley 12th International Mammalogical Congress

Tamara Keeley

Dr. Keeley is a zoologist, specializing in Endocrinology, Reproductive Biology and Wildlife Conservation. Through her work with wildlife she has acquired extensive experience and knowledge of animal husbandry, reproductive management and technology (ART), animal behaviour and welfare and wildlife conservation programs. She specializes in using non-invasive hormone analysis techniques (eg. urine and feces) as a powerful tool to gain information on reproductive status, adrenal health, and gender of individual animals to evaluate the overall health and fecundity of a wild population to improve conservation management and decisions and to evaluate and improve captive animal management and breeding programs. She has collaborated on a wide range of research and management projects on both exotic and Australian species such as the Tasmanian devil, Vancouver Island marmot, Asian elephant, humpback whales, Southern hairy-nosed wombat, Lumholtz tree kangaroo and dugong.

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