Teigan Cremona 12th International Mammalogical Congress

Teigan Cremona

Teigan's research focuses broadly on conservation ecology and taxonomy. Teigan completed her PhD on the conservation ecology and trophic interactions of the Northern Quoll through the University of Technology Sydney in 2015. As part of her PhD Teigan was involved in an innovative conservation program aimed at training quolls not to eat cane toads through conditioned taste aversion. Teigan is now a postdoc at Charles Darwin University, investigating the taxonomic identity of the gliding marsupial found in the Top End and is part of a research team that aims to investigate the conservation ecology and life history of this relatively unknown species, as well as identifying causal factors responsible for small mammal declines in northern Australia. Teigan has broad research interests in conservation biology, wildlife management, animal behaviour, and physiological and behavioural ecology.

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