Silvia Saldivar 12th International Mammalogical Congress

Silvia Saldivar

Silvia received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in Asunción. During that time she participated in internships and volunteer work at the Museum of Natural History of Paraguay and the Municipal Zoo of Asunción. Silvia also worked with children and adults in outdoor activities on environmental education and personal and business values ​​with a company called Arapacha. Silvia carried out research on several species of herbivorous mammals and other species of interest, in a position as a wildlife technician in the Ministry of the Environment of the National Government. She later received a Fulbright scholarship to earn her Master's degree at the State University of New York, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences in Syracuse, New York. There she worked on peccary conservation in the Paraguayan Chaco through other research grants. She is currently part of the professional team of the Division of Protected Areas, performing administrative tasks, management of protected areas, biological monitoring, supporting environmental education activities, and research proposals.

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