Abhishek Ghoshal 12th International Mammalogical Congress

Abhishek Ghoshal

I am a doctoral scholar in Wildlife Science with Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore, India, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun and Snow Leopard Trust, Seattle, USA. I am working on understanding factors affecting distribution changes and relative abundance of snow leopard and wild-prey at multiple scales in the Indian Himalaya and Trans-Himalaya since 2012. The work is supported by Rufford Small Grants Foundation, Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund and Panthera (Sabin Snow Leopards Grant Program). At the IMC, 2017, I will be presenting a part of my doctoral work on ecological impacts of transhumant or migratory livestock grazing on rangeland vegetation and Asiatic ibex in the Indian Trans-Himalaya. I am thankful to the IFM for supporting my work with its prestigious travel grant.

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